New Year

My new year starts on my birthday. Ah, the little victories of being a Capricorn. This year Mr. Trent treated me to a spa day, and it was amazing. Equally amazing was the cheese that we ate and ranked as part of my birthday dinner afterward. My score sheet is pictured above.

It was a very happy birthday, and while I was celebrating I was able to think through some goals and resolutions I have for the new year. I share them below to keep track of my progress, but also because when others share their goals with me I feel inspired.

Read 50 books. (I’m now actively on good reads if you are curious about what I’ve read so far and what’s on my TBR. I’ve read three so far, and am eager for recommendations!)

Attend 50 yoga classes. (I keep injuring myself, and figured this might be the safest way to build strength and fitness. I’ve attended two classes so far).

Complete 38 acts of love/kindness for my family. (Mamas do a lot of acts of love/kindness on the daily, but I wanted to try to recognize and celebrate this work.)

Attend 1 writing conference. (I love my friends of fiction, but even writers want to make real-life friends sometimes.)

Write daily (even if it is just a sentence in my WIPs).

Practice my French daily (even if it is just a single lesson on Duolingo).

Publish 1 book. (This is exciting. I currently have four books that I am actively writing. One is the third book in my Enchantment Retold series–so another steampunky fairy tale with a few familiar characters. Another is a sequel to My Cosplay Escape. A third is a sweet Christmas romance. The fourth is a middle grade novel about four unlikely friends who compete in competitive robotics. I don’t know which one I will finish first, but I’m hoping it is the fairy tale. I’m also open to finishing them all and publishing them all this year. We will see what the year holds.)

What goals do you have for 2024? Any books I need to add to my TBR pile? I’d love to hear about them.

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