What are your books about?

Q: What are your books about?

A: Two people flirting.


Q: Could you state that in a complete sentence?

A: My books are about two people flirting.


Q: What? All of them?

A: All of them. Every last one. The end.


Q: So if they weren’t about two people flirting?

A: They’d be about nothing.


Q: If there were three people in the book what would the third person do?

A: I’d write a fourth person for that third person to flirt with. Or the third person would flirt with both of the first two persons. But this wouldn’t end well… So we come back to writing that fourth person.


Q: So your books are just about even numbers of people flirting?

A: Couples. Yes. It tends to work well.


Q: Why are they so long then?

A: I really, really enjoy it when two people flirt. So I go out of my way to create situations in which they can flirt.


Q: Why did you spend all this time typing this out when you should have been editing your new book? (You better have a good answer.)

A: Editing is really hard. And writing Q&As is so much easier. Plus, I didn’t want to forget this moment sitting at the dining room table with my daughter, when I discovered my books, including the one I should be editing right now, could be summarized with three words: Two people flirting.

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