Welcome to the Smoke, Steel, & Ivy Fandom

I have a problem. I love to fangirl. I love to geek-out over the fandoms I love. I’ve tried to keep it together, and did a pretty good job with my debut, but I’m letting my freak flag fly. I love Ivy and her kingdom of Amadanri and have made all kinds of extras because I’m such a fan. I’m very aware that this is weird (If you wrote the story, is it self-aggrandizing to fangirl over it?), but in the event that you enjoyed the story and want to savor it in extraneous ways… WELCOME! I’m beyond tickled to see you here. Feel free to explore the content below. You can geek-out with me any time! Maybe these goodies will inspire you to curate your own Smoke, Steel, & Ivy extras. If so, PLEASE share with me! Nothing would make my storyteller heart happier.

Note: These goodies contain spoilers. Read at your peril.




Quiz: Which sister are you?

Quiz: Which couple are you?


Discussion Questions



Deleted Scene 1

Deleted Scene 2




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