Ready for an escape?

Sarah Miller needs to reboot her life. No more comics. No more cosplay. No more men. It’s a great plan—until Sarah cosplays as Catstrike at Comic-Con and meets Adam West McKinny. Adam offers Sarah a job cosplaying every weekend at his superhero-themed escape room, and…Yeah, no. Except that a little spare change would come in handy, and Adam is clever and ever so charming.

To make sure cosplay does not take over her real life, Sarah keeps her true identity a secret from Adam. She’s content to be his Catstrike and to have fun flirting with him in costume, but that’s where it ends.

With the extra funds from her side hustle, Sarah signs up for an Econ 101 class, and would you look at that: Adam is her TA. Sarah for once has no tight vinyl, whip, or mask to hide behind. Worlds, alter egos, and fantasies collide in this delightful, escapist, sweet rom-com.

Read an excerpt of Amy’s Debut.

Available widely and can be requested at your local library (just ask your friendly neighborhood librarian how).








Grab yourself some fudge, mix up a Shirley Temple, and please enjoy these extras from my debut, My Cosplay Escape. As they contain spoilers, you may want to read the book first.

Novel Aesthetic 

Discussion Questions

Exploration of Trope: Hidden Identity


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