Amy Trent

My Cosplay Escape
It’s all fun and role play games until some one falls in love…

Sarah Miller needs to reboot her life. No more comics. No more cosplay. No more men. It’s a great plan—until Sarah cosplays as Catstrike at Comic-Con and meets Adam West McKinny. Adam offers Sarah a job cosplaying every weekend at his superhero-themed escape room, and…Yeah, no. Except that a little spare change would come in handy, and Adam is clever and ever so charming.

To make sure cosplay does not take over her real life, Sarah keeps her true identity a secret from Adam. She’s content to be his Catstrike and to have fun flirting with him in costume, but that’s where it ends.

With the extra funds from her side hustle, Sarah signs up for an Econ 101 class, and would you look at that: Adam is her TA. Sarah for once has no tight vinyl, whip, or mask to hide behind. Worlds, alter egos, and fantasies collide in this delightful, escapist, sweet rom-com. Read an excerpt here. 

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Smoke, Steel, & Ivy
Where there is love, there is magic.

Running the kingdom, winning the war, and making sure that her eleven younger sisters are cared for—and not chasing after the gentlemen—is all up to Ivy, now that her father, King Rupert, has remarried.

Ivy has another problem: she’s in love with Major Collin. He is patient, listens to every word Ivy says, and helps her build a strategy to end the war. Collin is also a man who has no business flirting with a princess in peacetime. Once a treaty has been signed, Ivy must never see him again.

Meanwhile, a still sonless King Rupert announces a contest to choose his heir. Not only will the winner be the future king, but he will marry the princess of his choosing.

Ivy must invent the game that will not only keep her sisters safe from hapless suitors, but will also ensure she didn’t fight a war and lose her heart for nothing. Because Ivy can’t be king and can’t be with the man she loves, the game will start with some impossible tasks. Challenges only an invisible man with the help of fairy godmothers, scheming sisters, and a little magic can solve.

Smoke, Steel, & Ivy is a reimagining of the classic fairy tale, The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Perfect for readers who enjoy a little adventure on their way to happily-ever-after and a smoldering romance without explicit content.

Read an excerpt here. 

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