About Amy Trent

About Amy Trent
Cookie lover extraordinaire

Amy Trent never met a cookie she didn’t instalove and immediately eat. Seriously. She wrote a song about it. Cookies aside, Amy is mommy to two amazing kiddos, married to Mr. Trent, and a hot mess of an aspiring data scientist/author. She loves to escape into fairy tales and happily-ever-afters, and at the Trent home Cookie Friday is observed twice weekly.

Amy wants you to know that her children weren’t nappers and most of her writing happened between 9PM and 1AM. This probably explains the constant craving for carbs…

Amy grew up in San Diego, CA and has a habit of writing stories about her home town in the dead of the Colorado winters she now enjoys. Amy hopes more than anything for cookies, and then after that she hopes very much that you enjoy escaping into her stories as much as she enjoys the escape of writing them.

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