Concert Fun

I went to a concert last night with Mr. Trent. Weathers are touring with Meg Myers, and they kicked off their tour last night at the Marquis Theater in Denver.


Not counting community orchestra concerts, Mr. Trent and I have been to one concert together in the 17 years we’ve been a couple. We don’t get out much for many reasons. But last Friday morning he dialed, and I answered a question correctly on air for a local radio station (I’m skipping over much of this backstory, but leave a comment if you want to hear more, I will oblige) and won two tickets to this concert.  On a school night. In downtown Denver. Less than a week away.


I was so excited to win anything, I didn’t really care about the tickets at the time. I’d never heard of the headliner, Meg Myers, and I didn’t even hear who the other band was. We got home and Mr. Trent googled. “Hey, I think you know this other band Weathers. You have a couple of their songs liked on your Spotify account.”


He then played this one.


“No way. That is my jam!” I love this song. I sing it often. Some days it could be my mantra. And I now had tickets to go see their concert. No way. How is this real life? I felt a little like Cinderella, actually having a shot at going to the ball. I just needed to find a dress-to-wear, which in my case was a baby-sitter.

(“Sorry” was my favorite song that Meg performed. Her voice was so strong and so clear. It was unreal.)

Sitters are hard to come by for the Trent home for many reasons. It’d been three years since we last tried. Most often Mr. Trent and I can find a way around needing one—tag teaming, turning adventures into family outings, scheduling appointments during school hours, and skipping out altogether. But not this time.


I dug up the number of a young woman we used to work with on the daily. My kiddos had both graduated from needing her services years ago, but maybe she’d be interested in helping out. Moonlighting as it were. It never hurts to ask for help.


So I did via text, and miraculously she could! She arrived at our door yesterday even like a freaking fairy godmother. My youngest especially was happy to see a familiar face. Away Mr. Trent and I went to an amazing concert. Delighted to hear three acts—Band of Silver opened the show and they were fun. Weathers was amazing. They played some goodies from an up-and-coming album in addition to established favorites. We actually got to see them perform a “Garage Session” at the radio stations earlier and meet them. They were our favorite of the evening. Meg Myers is incredibly talented and had such a fantastic voice. I’m looking forward to exploring more of her library. Her fans are a fun bunch and were so supportive when the sound system skipped out on her.

(We were in a sound proof room for the garage session with four other couples who won tickets.)

There was lots of great energy and lots of joy seeing talented artists share their art with an enthusiastic audience. We bought tshirts, and I got an extra shirt for our sitter. I hope she wears it like a cape, because she is a superhero. Most fairy godmothers are.


Mr. Trent and I were elated to have pulled off such an epically good time. And now we have double the number of concerts we’ve been to together and have extra reason to smile when we hear Weathers on the radio.


Is live music your thing? What concerts have you been to that were an epically good time? Did you ever have a real life fairy godmother come through for you?

what do you think?

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